Vileda UltraSpeed Mini Flat Mopping Starter Kit


Brand Vileda

Please note: Kit as standard does not include Mop Handle. Telescopic Mop Handle is additional extra - please select above if you wish to include the handle in this kit. 

Small in size - but massive in performance!

The UltraSpeed Mini is an extremely popular variation of the UltraSpeed cleaning system from Vileda and is a ready to use out the box flat mopping system.  

Featuring a compact 10 Litre bucket the system is ideal for use in areas where a smaller flat mopping system is required such as offices, cafes, small retailers, restaurants and reception areas. 

Highly ergonomic and compact the UltraSpeed Mini Starter Kit is ideal for almost any environment where a convenient, efficient flat mopping system is required. 

Feature Overview:

  • 10 Litre Bucket with Flat Mop Wringer. 
  • 34cm cleaning width. 
  • Complete flat mopping system.

Kit Includes:

  • Vileda UltraSpeed Mini 10 Litre Flat Mop Bucket & Wringer
  • Vileda UltraSpeed Mini MicroLite Mop Pad 34cm - 129620
  • Vileda UltraSpeed Mini Mop Frame 34cm - 129619
  • Optional Extra: Vileda Ultraspeed Mini Telescopic Handle - 129618

Product Codes:

  • Vileda UltraSpeed Mini Starter Kit - Blue - 129672 / 129713
  • Vileda UltraSpeed Mini Starter Kit - Green - 129674 / 129715
  • Vileda UltraSpeed Mini Starter Kit - Red - 129673 / 129714
  • Vileda UltraSpeed Mini Starter Kit - Yellow - 129675 / 129716

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