Vileda UltraSpeed MicroLite Mop Refill


Brand Vileda

The UltraSpeed MicroLite Mop 116480 / 143210 from Vileda is their intensive microfibre cleaning flat mop that comes complete with all Vileda UltraSpeed Mopping Kits. 

This all purpose microfibre flat mop is capable of lifting even the most stubborn dirt from a variety of surfaces and leaves floor dry and streak free when used with the Vileda UltraSpeed Mopping System. 

Featuring Polyamide stripes the UltraSpeed MicroLite Mop will tackle the most difficult of cleaning tasks with a few swipes. 

  • 40cm cleaning width. 
  • Product code: Vileda UltraSpeed MicroLite Mop 116480 / 143210

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