Vileda Supermop Head - Non Woven Socket Mop


Brand Vileda

The Vileda Supermop is an outstanding non-woven socket mop and will suit many different types of heavy duty mopping. The Supermop will achieve the best results possible at the lowest cost in use possible. Vileda Supermop is idle for spot mopping and small area cleaning. 

Feature Overview:

  • Ideal for use in any area superior mopping is required.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and chemical wear. 
  • High absorbency. 
  • Non woven material prevents germs multiplying. 
  • Washable mop heads at up to 90° C maximum temperature. 
  • Colour coded. 
  • Compatible with Vileda Supermop Handle only. 

Order Codes

  • Vileda Super Mop - Blue - 117262
  • Vileda Super Mop - Red - 117263
  • Vileda Super Mop - Green - 117264
  • Vileda Super Mop - Yellow - 117265


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