Unger Waste Bagger 180L - NB300 (Green)


Brand Unger

Heavy duty, durable and weatherproof. The Unger Waste Bagger is a 180L professional waste bag that will outlast 1000's of plastic based refuse bags and is perfect to partner up with any of Ungers Litter Pickers to help fight the War On Litter.

Why should I buy a Waste Bagger?

Bash it, drag it, stand it, collapse it.

If you've been busy fighting the War On Litter and filled up with loads of litter the last thing you want is bag breakage. The Unger Waste Bagger can be dragged along the floor on almost any surface due to its solid plastic bottom.

Capable of storing twice as much waste as a standard refuse sack.

The Unger Waste Bagger collapses into a flat package and is secured with velcro, making it easy to transport and store. 

Once expanded the Unger Waste Bagger will stand upright all on its own. This enables it to be used as a temporary waste disposal or recycling unit during events.


Safe for the litter pickers on the front line. 

No longer do users need to bend over and lift heavy bags whilst struggling to carry the litter picker in the other. Simply drag the Waste Bagger to chosen point of disposal.

Super wide opening enables safe access and disposal without touching litter. 

Made of super heavy duty material to reduce risk of injury from sharp objects/waste.


Fight the war like a pro, choose the Unger Waste Bagger. 

Covered by Ungers 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.


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