Unger NiftyNabber PRO Litter Picker | All Sizes | Sold per Pack


Brand Unger

The Unger Nifty Nabber PRO Litter Picker is the most premium Litter Picker available in the UK. Super heavy duty, Unger PRO Litter Picker has a shaft constructed of robust steel and is available in four length - even 2.5 meter version to reach great heights. This is a superior piece of Litter Picking Equipment. 

Feature Overview

  • Steel Claws - strong steel claws are fitted with a moulded rubber overlay which stretches the entire length of the claw - an ultra secure and grippy claw which can open up to 15cm wide and is capable of gripping even the tiniest of objects. 
  • Super strong and rugged design - the shaft is constructed from a durable steel and covered in a rust resistant coating to ensure the Unger PRO Litter Picker will outlast any other litter picker on the market. The unit is strong enough for real heavy duty work but light enough to ensure ease of use and reduced fatigue for the user. 

Available in a wide range of sizes:

Unger PRO Litter Picker - NN400 - 52cm / 18" | Pack of 5

Unger PRO Litter Picker - NN900 - 97cm / 36" | Pack of 10

Unger PRO Litter Picker - NN140 - 130cm / 51" | Pack of 5

Unger PRO Litter Picker - NN960 - 250cm / 96" | Pack of 6

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