Unger | nLite® Power Brush Complete Grey 28cm | NUK28


Brand Unger

Unger's new nLite range prepares you for almost any challenge.
Power Bristle Technology:
- Longer unspliced outer bristles ensure easier gliding to reduce the brush jumping during use.
- Inner unspliced bristles offer extremely high cleaning performance when compared to natural hair bristles.
Innovative Water Distributing System:
- A special flushing nozzle bar is attached above the brush and delivers the right amount of pure water exactly where it is needed for powerful rinsing of the cleaned surface.
- Water jets from the nozzle block built into the brush ensure powerful dirt removal during cleaning.
Swivel Lock:
- A completely new way of cleaning with pure water up to 6m.
- The brush socked, which can be swivelled freely through 180°, enables the surface to be cleaned with an S movement with the brush touching the entire surface.
- Enlarges the working area, ideal for cleaning from the ground, boom lifts or gondolas.
Edge Protecting Bumper:
- Soft touch bumper offers protection against scratches, cracks and dents to window frames.
- Significant noise reduction when coming into contact with parts of the building.

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