Unger nLite® Connect - AN60G Aluminium Master Pole - 4 Section / 23ft


Brand Unger

The nLite® Connect range of water fed poles from Unger are the ultimate in versatile modular telescopic water fed pole design. Constructed from premium quality materials, the nLite® Connect system is fast and simple to set up and use; and has been designed with the professional window cleaner in mind. 

How Does It Work?

One Master Pole with up to 4 add-on Extension Poles. Once you have chosen your 4 Section Master Pole, this is your go to Pole which you can then add up to 4 x 2 Section Extension Poles in order to reach various working heights. View the video below to see the nLite® Connect in action.

The nLite® Connect Aluminium range is recommended for cleaning heights of up to approx. 9m / 30ft. 

1 x Master Pole + 1 x Extension Pole

Feature Overview

  • Constructed from premium quality Aluminium
  • Multi award winning design. 
  • Full flexibility - allows you to add or remove extension poles as and when required to achieve various working heights. 
  • Ultimate comfort - the diameter of the nLite® Connect pole you're holding never changes regardless of working height and number of extensions you're using. The days of struggling to even hold a pole when working at great heights are gone. 
  • Heavy duty clamps - for easy one handed operation, plus you can adjust the tension without tools due to Ungers nifty logo shaped screw. 
  • Hose management - use the practical nLite® Clips to secure the hose to avoid tangling and improve safety.
  • Red visual warning area - on each section prevents over-extending. 
  • Yellow visual warning area - on each extension pole prevents unintentional separation. 
  • Durable plastic endcap - prevents accidental damage to the end of the pole and features an aperture for hose to exit when used inside the pole. 

Covered by Unger's 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. 

All Master Poles come complete with Unger HiFlo nLite Endcap TMECP.

Tech Specs

Pole Material & Code: Unger nLite® Connect AN60G Aluminium Master Pole
Cleaning Reach: 23ft
Extended Length: 6.0m
Closed Length: 1.71m
Weight: 2.0kg
Sections: 4 Section
Grip Diameter: 35mm
30 GPa

View the Unger nLite® information video below.

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