Unger MicroWipe Lite - Microfibre Glass Cloth


Brand Unger

The perfect everyday lint free microfibre glass cloth. 

The MicroWipe Lite is the biggest selling Microfibre Glass Cloth we offer due to it's competitive price and superior quality compared to other Microfibre Glass Cloths on the market. 

Features Include:

  • 300gm weight.
  • Super soft - ideal for glass cleaning and general cleaning, low friction material.
  • Overlock stitching - along edges of cloth ensure shape retention, resulting in a longer lasting cloth. 
  • Machine washable up to 200 times - ensures you get a massive return on investments, as the cloths will last ages!

Available in a variety of sizes: 

Unger MicroWipe Lite - MF40E - 40cm x 40cm

Unger MicroWipe Lite - MF60E - 60cm x 80cm


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