Thick Bleach - 1 x 5 Litre


Brand Coventry Chemicals

Concentrated Thick Bleach clings to vertical surfaces & powerfully cleans and disinfects. 
Concentrated thickness gives total protection against germs. Thickened Bleach has been specially formulated to give greater clinging power where it matters, thus giving total protection against germs. Thickened Bleach is pleasantly perfumed and should be used to disinfect and cure unpleasant smells caused by waste matter. Thickened Bleach can remove stubborn stains from Lavatories, Basins etc.
Do not use undiluted on clothes. Do not use on Silk, Wool, Colours, Leather or any Garment with a special finish.
Directions for use:
Neat - for Lavatories, Outside Drains, Kitchen Sinks to Kill Germs, remove stains and cure unpleasant smells.
Dilute 1-100 - for cold bleaching - Soak for 45 minutes. Use at half this strength if soaked overnight.
Dilute 1-50 - for disenfecting work surfaces by regular wiping.

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