Streamline Dragonfly® 4 | Internal Glass Cleaning System


Brand Streamline

The Streamline® Dragonfly® 4 Indoor Window Cleaning System is the perfect tool to enable super fast and safe cleaning of internal windows at height. Keep your feet on the ground and the windows at height properly cleaned.

Streamline® Dragonfly® 4 Indoor Window Cleaning System is a backpack system with 500ml reservoir housing de-ionised water or glass cleaner. Complete with a pump, battery and a swivel mop plate fitted with microfibre pads which can attach to any threaded telescopic pole. With a 20 hour life re-chargeable battery you'll never have to leave a job. Let's Go Cleaning!

What is in the backpack?

Unlike many other Indoor Window Cleaning Systems, the Streamline® Dragonfly 4 is fitted with a lightweight - and proper comfy - padded backpack which houses a 500ml bladder. The bladder can be filled with either pure water or a light liquid glass cleaner of your choice (not foaming soap - commonly used in traditional window cleaning). No expensive refills required!

If you aren't using pure water, we recommend Visex Glass, Chrome & Metal Cleaner from Avmor , which can cut through grease and dirt whilst leaving a smear free finish. It also leaves surfaces smelling of fresh apples - good stuff. 

Also housed in the nifty backpack is a simple pump, controller and battery - but don't worry this kit is so lightweight you won't even notice it's on your back, weighing in at only 3kg when the bladder is full of liquid. 

The lightweight kit fitted within the Dragonfly® 4 enables indoor window cleaning up to and over 10 metres! The kit is compatible with any telescopic water fed pole. You can attach the backpack to your current pole hose via a simply quick connect and the Microfibre Swivelling Mop Plate will screw on to the thread at the top of your pole in place of your brush. 

The kit also features a lightweight remote control press switch to dispense fluid from mop frame whenever required. No need for level on pole or constant flow of liquid. 

What are the mops and mop plate?

The Mop plate features a velcro type fitting that simply grabs either of the Microfibre pads enabling a secure fit. The plates features a swivel neck to achieve cleaning from multiple angles. The plate also features a fine spray tip to dispenser your chose cleaning fluid. 

First off, the Microfibre Scrub Mops 30cm - these are ultimate quality microfibre pads, constructed using a combination of twisted microfibre, polyester microfibre and strips of hardened polypropylene they'll scrub stubborn dirt from all surfaces (check surface prior to use as easily scratched surfaces may not be suitable). They can also be washed up to 350 times - value for money. 

Microfibre Glass Mops 25cm - enable efficient cleaning and polishing of glass and other high gloss surfaces included metal and aluminium - also machine washable. 

Both mops are 25cm - 30cm in width enabling easy cleaning of both large and small areas. 

Streamline Dragonfly® 4 Kit Contents:

  • 500ml bladder/reservoir housed in backpack. 
  • Secured battery and pump box, with an illuminating on/off switch. 
  • 240-volt battery charger. 
  • Super comfy padded backpack. 
  • Remote control 'press-switch' assembly. 
  • Mop plate head assembly with fine spray tip. 
  • 2 x microfibre scrub pads. 
  • 2 x microfibre polishing pads. 
  • An enclosure for safe storage of the backpack kit when not in use. 


Weight (Bladder Empty): 2.5kg
Weight (Bladder Full): 3.0kg
Battery Type: NiMH 12V
Battery Life Time: 20 Hours
Battery Charge Time: 10 Hours with a 240V Charger. 


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