Sebo Dart UHS Polisher Head Attachment | 9434GB


Brand Sebo

The Sebo Dart UHS Polisher Head enables quick and easy conversion of your Sebo Dart Vacuum Cleaner into a floor polisher and vacuum in one!

With the use of Sebos innovative floor pads, you can achieve a smooth gloss finish on nearly all floor surfaces without the need for chemicals or water! Using a unique diamond pad technology, ultra high rotating speed and a patented automatic pad adjustment system (automatically adjusts the pad to the correct height for the floor surface) the Sebo Dart UHS Polisher Head brings hard floor back to life and vacuums up dust particles with ease. 

Using the Sebo Dart UHS Polishing Head with diamond pads means no more slippy floor post cleaning - eliminating health and safety hazards as well as saving time and money. 

Dust and soils are removed during the polishing process and with Sebos standard S-Class certified filtration you're assured that even microscopic particles are prevented from entering the indoor air. 

Included Floor Pad: The Green Diamond Pad 3230ER30C is supplied as standard with the Sebo Dart UHS Head Polishing Head. The Green pad creates and maintains a high gloss surface and is ideal for use after the Red & Yellow Pads when a restoration process has been carried out.

Thought polishing floors was hard? Not anymore, the Dart UHS Polishing Head makes it as easy as every day vacuuming!

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