Prochem | 'PSK' Professional Spotting Kit | Professional Spot & Stain Removing Kit | PR3401


Brand Prochem

The Prochem 'PSK' Professional Spotting Kit is the ultimate in professional chemical spot and stain removal. Performance with Prochem products is paramount as ever, but you'll also look the business turning up on the job with the tough water resistant plastic carry case. 

Delivered complete with a spot removal guide you can be certain you'll be able to take on any stain you find. 

You can treat the below spots and stains with the Prochem Spotting Kit:

Mosts foods & beverages, blood, oil, grease, cosmetics, adhesive, wine, rust, paint, chewing gum, nail polish, ink and many other common commercial and household spots & stains. 

The essential spot removal kit for the professional carpet cleaner. 

Kit Contents


All chemicals are 1 Litre bottles with the exception of Ink Solv E848 500ml. 

Solvex PA277, Neutral Pro Spotter with Spray B122, Solvall Spotter with Spray B123, Rust Remover B198, Coffee Stain Remover with Spray B195, Red RX E400, Citrus Gel E840, Ink Solv E848, Stain Pro with Spray B144, Urine Neutraliser with Spray B153. 


White Terry Towel, pH Test Paper Colour Coded Reel, Chewing Gum Perforator, Spotting Brush, Neoprene Gloves, Foil Furniture Pads (1,000), Stain Removal Guide (contents may vary with the introduction of new spotting agents).

Lead time may vary as this item is special order, please contact us for current ETA.


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