P-Wave Urinal Slant6 Deodorising Screen | Pack 10 | Mango

£38.00 £29.99

Brand P-Wave

P-Wave is without a doubt the best Urinal Mat and Urinal Deodorising Screen on the market. With its high power fragrance and odour eliminating technology the P-Wave Urinal Screens means that you'll never have to experience a bad fragrance in a washroom again!

The P-Wave Slant6 Urinal Screens have been designed to achieve the optimum in performance and cost effectiveness. Each screen releases its optimised bacteria to clean urinals and eliminate odours for 30 days, with the built in month & day tabs you know exactly when to change the P-Wave Slant6 Urinal Screen. 

Fragrance: P-Wave Mango Fragrance

Pack Size: Pack/10 Urinal Screens

Product Details

Freshens Urinal for 30 Days - 40 times more fragrance oil versus other urinal deodorisers, which is gradually released over 30 days. 

VOC Complaint - No ozone depleting ingredients. 90% less VOC's than an aerosol can. Meaning P-Wave is a safer deodoriser than a fragrance in a can!

Eliminates Odours - Releases optimised bacteria that cleans the urinal and eliminates odours. 

Saves Time & Money - Revolutionary design reduces splash back whilst optimising fragrance. Cuts cleaning time by 50%. Only replace once a month.

Translucent Flexible Design - Allows full view of urinal drain to ensure optimal drain flow while trapping debris. 

See it work! - The P-Wave Urinal Screen shrinks in size as it releases it powerful and beneficial bacteria, odour counteractants and fragrance.

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