Helping Hand Streetmaster Pro Litter Picker - Swivel Head 85cm / 33"


Brand Helping Hand

The Streetmaster Pro Litter Picker from Helping Hand is an extremely popular litter picker. Providing extremely precise litter pick up on almost any surface the Streetmaster Pro is a versatile piece of litter picking equipment capable of picking up litter an any angle due to its swivel head function. 

Feature Overview

  • Swivel Head - with rubber pick up claws enables quick and easy pick up at any angle on any surface. 
  • Comfortable Handle - enable user to pick up litter with comfort for a prolonged time without excessive fatigue. 
  • Reflective Features - ensure that user is visible during poor lighting conditions. 

The Helping Hand Streetmaster Pro Litter Picker is one of the most popular Litter Picking Tools available on the market today. 

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