Helping Hand Ranger Max Litter Picker - Straight Handle 88cm / 35"


Brand Helping Hand

The Ranger Max Litter Pickers are an popular alternative to standard Litter Pickers, for those who prefer the tong type operation. 

Ideal for heavy duty jobs due to their rugged construction the Ranger MAX are still light enough for prolonged use without causing excessive fatigue on the user. 

Feature Overview

  • Straight Handle - for convenient pick up. 
  • 88cm / 35" Length - provides comfortable litter picking for the user. 
  • Rubber Jaws - over moulded rubber jaws ensure precise grip on various object in whatever weather. 
  • Extra Wide Jaws - enable pick up of even the most inconvenient items. 

The Ranger MAX Litter Picker is also available with a curved handle. 

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