Helping Hand Litter Picker Pro - Fixed Head 85cm / 33"


Brand Helping Hand

The most popular litter picker available in the UK. Helping Hand manufacture all their litter picking equipment in the UK to the highest standards possible. 

This model is the Litter Picker Pro Fixed Head Litter Picker. It is extremely cost effective for any budget and its ease of use has made it a clear winner for years. 

Feature Overview

  • 85cm / 33" length - ensures ease of use with minimal bending and discomfort the the user. Designed at the optimum distance for adult litter picking. 
  • Comfortable handle - keeps the users hand fatigue free no matter how long they're using the litter picker for. 
  • Reflective features - ensure safety for the use whilst using in poor lighting conditions. 

The UK's biggest selling litter picker. 

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