Helping Hand | Handihoop Bag Holder | LP0021


Brand Helping Hand

The Litterpicker’s best friend, the Handihoop bag openers are the tool to have if you are carrying out a clean up – wherever you are.

The simple and lightweight hoop easy to use, comfy to carry, robust and just makes any type of litter collection so much easier. Whether a volunteer, street cleansing operative, janitorial, school, landscaper, a bin bag is never going to stay open by itself.

Reusable, lightweight, with optional handle offering, litter picking has never been easier with a litter bag ring.

  • Improve collection capacity by 143% with Litter Bag Hoops
  • Fits any standard cleansing bags, recycling sacks – can also fit reusable bags
  • Works perfectly in windy conditions; makes litter picking a lot easier
  • Hoop capacity 6-8kg
  • Designed & manufactured by The Helping Hand Company
  • 100% reusable

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