Exel® Fitting Socket Mops PY Yarn - 200gm & 300gm


Brand Robert Scott & Sons

The ever popular push pull Exel® fitting sockets mops will fit the Exel® handle, a screw thread handle and will push straight onto a 15/16 Wooden Handle. 

The patented design of the Exel® Mops results in a hard wearing and tight fitting socket. The collar / socket on the Exel® Socket Mops locks the mop into the Exel® handle which means users experience no slip in the handle whilst wringing and it ensures the socket outlasts other screw type thread sockets. 

Manufactured with a super absorbent PY yarn. Exel® Mops are also compatible with screw fit handles - once the handle is screwed in it creates its own thread within the Exel® Socket. 

Compatible with:

  • 3 Prong Push In Handle / Exel® Handle
  • Screw Fit / Screw Thread Handle
  • 15/16 Wooden Handle

Compatible with the below handles:

Exel Mop Handle

Screw Fit Hygiene Aluminium Handle - Will push fit / create its own thread but will not fit as secure as the Exel Mop Handle fitting. 

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