ICE Eco Disc Mini / Cleanfix FloorMac Floor Pad - 13"


Brand Deckshine

13" Deckshine Floor Pads suitable for use with the ICE Eco Disc Mini / Cleanfix Floormac machine. 

Choose the relevant colour for your cleaning requirements:

Black – Stripping. Heavy duty wet stripping. Aggressive scrubbing.
Green – Scrubbing. Heavy duty wet scrubbing to remove surface coat, ground-in dirt and scuff marks.
Blue – Cleaning. Moderate scrubbing or heavy spray cleaning.
Red – Buffing. Dry or spray to remove scuff marks and restore shine.
Tan – Polishing. For polishing synthetic or natural finishes to high lustre.
White – Polishing. Non-aggressive dry polishing to high gloss.

Price per pad. 

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