ICE Eco Disc Mini - Floor Polishing & Cleaning Machine 718.000

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Brand Cleanfix

  • The UK's best selling compact floor cleaner!
  • Free next day UK Mainland delivery.
  • Cleans tiles, wood and all floor types with ease.
  • Wide range of accessories. 
  • Made in Switzerland.

New & upgraded colourway, the Cleanfix Floor Mac Deluxe has now become the ICE Eco Disc Mini. A UK exclusive! The same machine in a new and more attractive colour-way with the same great features and Swiss engineering expertise.

The ICE Eco Disc Mini is the perfect floor polisher and cleaner for small floor areas and is ideal for home use due to its convenient size and lightweight construction. 

The ICE Eco Disc Mini is extremely easy to use due to its anti-vibration oscillation head - which means the machine is really easy to control and will not cause fatigue after long usage at all. 

Its compact size enables you to clean right into tight corners around around furniture with ease. Unlike traditional floor polishers the ICE Eco Disc Mini goes exactly where you want you want it to - with no side-to-side swinging. 

Built in to the handle is a convenient solution tank which is used to apply liquids and chemicals directly onto the floor whilst polishing/scrubbing through a solution nozzle located near the base of the machine. 

TheICE Eco Disc Mini is ideal for use on all hard floor surfaces and even carpets with the use of the Carpet Bonnet Pad - sold separately. The ICE Eco Disc Mini is also ideal for cleaning tiles and grouting when used with the Scrubbing Ring - sold separately. 

In The Box

1 x ICE Eco Disc Mini Machine with Solution Tank & Pad Holder / Drive Plate
1 x 330mm / 13" White Floor Polishing Pad
1 x 330mm / 13" Microfibre Cleaning Pad
1 x Cleanfix Floor Cleaner 1 Litre
1 x Cleanfix Spray & Buff 750ml Trigger

Technical Specs

Cleaning Width: 33cm
Working Height: 25cm
Cable Length: 7.5 Metres
Weight: 13kg
Oscillation Speed: 1450 per Min.
Vibration Strength Handle: <2.5m/S2
Noise Level: 63.5 dBA

Add-On Accessories

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