Cisne Screw Fit Standard Thread 'Hygiene' Handle - All Colours


Brand Cisne

The original and best screw fit handle on the market. The Cisne Aluminium is lightweight and extremely strong. Fitted with a screw thread, the handle is compatible with Cisne Spunlace, Twine & Hygiene Mops. 

Available in 5 colours and two sizes. 

Fits the following mops:

Cisne Twine Screw Fit Socket Mops 200gm
Cisne Spunlance Big White Socket Mops
Cisne Hygiene Looped Stayflat Socket Mops 200gm

+ other standard german threaded equipment.

Fits the following brushes:

Abbey Deck Scrubbing Brush
Abbey Hygiene Washable Brushes 30cm
Abbey Hygiene Washable Brushes 45cm

+ other standard german threaded equipment.

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