Unger VisaVersa® | 2in1 Squeegee & Washer Tool | Various Sizes


Brand Unger

Squeegee and washer in one tool. Complete with S-Channel, Original Sleeve and Rubber.

  • Time saving performance without changing tool. 
  • Fits securely to pole with Locking Cone for extra safety
  • Fitted with soft squeegee rubber as standard. 

StripWasher® Original Sleeve

Blended fabric standard sleeve with velcro fastener.

  • Good cleaning power. 
  • Machine washable up to 500 times.

S Channel

  • Made in Germany from strong and durable stainless steel.
  • Variable positioning for greater and easier reach.
  • Notched edges for secure hold of channel and rubber.
  • Complete with Unger Professional Soft Rubber.
  • Easy change and fit for most industry standard squeegee rubbers.
  • Fits most industry squeegee handles, including UNGER ErgoTec®, S- and Pro Squeegees.

Sizes Available

Unger VisaVersa® VP250 | 25cm
Unger VisaVersa® VP350 | 35cm
Unger VisaVersa® VP450 | 45cm

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