Unger MicroWipe - Microfibre Glass Cloth


Brand Unger

The Unger MicroWipe Cloth is the original lint free microfibre glass cloth. Constructed from only the best materials to the highest standard possible. It will outlast any other glass cloth on the market - high quality as usual from Unger. 

Features Include

  • 350g Weight
  • Double sided - one side is coarse for heavy duty cleaning, the other smooth for polishing surfaces.
  • Overlock stitching - along edges to ensure your cloth holds it shape. 
  • Machine washable up to 500 times - means you get a substantial return on investment, these cloths will last a seriously long time even if you're using them 24/7 and washing every night!

Available in a variety of sizes:

Unger MicroWipe - MF40L - 40cm x 40cm

Unger MicroWipe - MF60L - 60cm x 80cm

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