Unger HiFlo nLite® Boar Bristle Brush | NLE40 | 40cm


Brand Unger

1 x Unger HiFlo nLite® Boar Bristle Brush | NLE40 | 40cm

  • Excellent cleaning performance without chemicals.
  • Variable locations for interchangeable quick release jets. 
  • Plastic porous brush body for lighter weight. 

The best boars bristle had been sourced by Unger specialists to produce the new nLite Boar Bristle Brushes. Coarse to the touch, naturally split along the length, each fibre cleans the surface with its entire body, effectively removing dirt from the tiniest of crevices. Individually set by hand into the body of the Brush with epoxy resin, each bundle of bristles delivers unrivalled cleaning performance, without chemicals.

The cutting edge engineering of body of the nLite Brush, featuring porous core with smooth solid skin on the outside, ensures structural stability and lighter weight than solid block manufacturing. The Brush, and subsequently the Jets row, can be rotated by 180° and secured in the new position, using the Brush Socket.

One set of 2 Pencil Jets is included as standard with every Brush.

Part No: NLE40
Size: 40 cm
Weight: 510 g
No of Jet Positions: 8
Pack Size: 1

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