Nilfisk | Attix 965 | M & H Class Vacuum Dust Extractor 230V

£2,221.98 £1,799.00

Brand Nilfisk

The Nilfisk Attix 965-0H/M SD XC is one of the most powerful two-motor machines approved for both H and M Class dusts. 

This machine has some amazing features, including Nilfisks XtremeClean automatic filter cleaning and a heavy duty stainless steel sit down container - both providing the ultimate disposal concept for industrial and health endangering carcinogenic dust. Just select the correct container inlet and the Attix 965 allows you to dispose of hazardous dust and debris with a dust free and safe solution.

Key Points

The near-indestructible stainless steel body means that the machine will outlast many other hazardous vacuums on the market. 

The standard Attix 965 Disposable Bag (M-Class) or the Attix 965 Safety Filter Bag enables safe and dust-free working.

Nilfisks Sit Down stainless steel container enables you to remove the container without removing the motor head which houses the key components - reducing the risk of damage to any of the critical components whilst emptying the machine.

Conveniently located on the top of the motor head is big tool deposit storage with room to store all the machine accessories. If you choose to equip the machine with the optional accessory basket you can have ample room for all the equipment you'll need. 

Featuring Nilfisks MultiFit container inlet which provides access to the entire range of accessories enabling you to customise the machine to suit your requirements. 


  • Industrial specifications, robust construction and powerful - the definition of Nilfisk Attix 9 range. 
  • Approved for H & M Class.
  • Twin motor industrial performance. 
  • Xtreme Clean - fully automatic filter cleaning system for high efficiency in H and M Class. 
  • Big surface H Class filter for high efficiency and low maintenance costs. 
  • Stainless steel Sit Down container for perfect handling and disposal. 
  • 10 metre cable for large working radius. 
  • Disposable and Safety filter bag as standard. 

Please note: Nilfisk stock may be subject to a approximate 3-5 working day lead time on delivery. Please call us if you have special requirements. 

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