Go | White Bulk Fill Soap Dispenser 1 Litre - ABS Plastic


Brand Go Cleaning Supplies

Premium quality white ABS 1 Litre Bulk Fill Soap Dispenser.

Construction from premium quality ABS plastic, our 1 Litre Bulk Fill Soap Dispenser is ideal for use in commercial environments and features a easy to use well contracted dispenser pump which dispenses soap with just a nudge. 

Unlike other bulk fill soap dispensers, re-filling ours is easy. Simply unlock the panel with your key to release the bulk fill bottle - which is securely sealed with a screw top lid - rinse out old soap to avoid bacteria build up and re-fill. Easy. 

Beautifully constructed using ABS white plastic.

Soap dispenser will dispense all liquid soap but isn't recommended for use with beaded hand cleaners.

Specifically designed to be robust and heavy duty - all the while cost effective. 

Dimensions:  Height: 260mm x Width: 115mm x Depth: 122mm

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